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What is Hybrid Solar System?

A hybrid system works by using solar PV power during the day – with excess power used to charge your batteries
for later use at night. ... The hybrid solar unit can be an additional inverter which takes your solar PV, mains,
batteries and optional generator – combines and stabilizes it all into one.

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

As the name suggests a Hybrid Solar plant combines the power of an On-Grid System with an Off Grid system. You should go for this option when you have the grid availability but also face frequent power cuts.

A Hybrid solar panel Inverter is the key to the entire system which helps in storing power in the batteries and when the batteries are fully charged the excess Solar Energy is supplied to the grid which lowers your electricity bill. You can take the benefit of the Solar Net Meter which helps you save money by reducing your monthly electricity bill.

We Analyze solutions compared to the criteria to implement solutions that have the greatest impact and can be implemented relatively quickly.

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